Sunday, August 5, 2012

psychedelic time traveller..............


The last time I wore this dress, a strange man on the street asked me where it was from.  I told him it was from the 60's and that I was a time traveller.  He was quite impressed to hear that the world's first time machine was built entirely out of popcorn.  He tried to bring me home to show me off to his kids, as most people would when coming across a time traveller. I calmly explained there was no time for me to meet his children as I would have evaporated by then.

It's always good to pretend you are a time traveller

How rad is this dress?

dress Princess Polly, shoes Robert Robert , lipstick Morange MAC, necklace Sportsgirl


  1. AH love the pattern on this dress!!!!!!!
    you look great. x

  2. WOWZA. You look beyond stunning in this number!! The orange lippy -- such a rad contrast.


  3. i love this dress i love your face and i love that you are a timetravller, which is pretty much a true story cause your currently living 3 hours in my past! oooohhh errrrrrr buttered popcorn! im slightly jealous that you are so tiny you can fit into a dress by PP - my boheameath body tries to rip items of clothing open at the seams ... like err.... the hulk. except more feminine but probably just as huge. moarbig. moarhuge. moardiet haha

  4. Stompy! you are hands down the best wearer of orange lippy.... i wish it looked that hot on me! love your blog and instagram, you crack me u. xx

  5. sheeesh you look like jessica simpson! loving your blog xo

  6. Haha thats way too funny! You dress very well for a time traveler ;)

  7. Please come back and bloggity more!

    P.S: Get rid of the captcha, this is taking me forever to post this comment haha

  8. That's an AMAZING dress! love it!


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