Monday, July 23, 2012

cool beans.......... outfit post! what the whaaaatttt!?

Thanks to my lovely bestie Hanhan for taking these photos in this dirty disgusting spare block.  There was literally filth all around us.  But then we went and ate delicious Vietnamese and all was right in the world again!!

also our good friend Mr Sunshine was out and about that day, and it was WONDERFUL.  but then...he was gone... MR SUNSHINE, WHERE ARE YOU, I miss you very much, I have made many sunshine themed scrapbooks in your honour.

COOL BEANS. (which is more in reference to the dude from Hot Rod who is on the TV right now, and now I can't get cool beans out of my head.)

blazer Dotti, cutoffs Rusty, top, shades & necklace Sportsgirl, boots Betts, lipstick Lime Crime in Retrofutrist, bag Forever New


  1. Love this look, those shorts are perfect and I love your necklace.

    Thanks for your comment, you have a great blog


  2. Loving that bit of graffiti, cute outfit too! ;)

    The Style Rawr!

  3. you are so perfectly blonde, tanned and gorgeous! xx

  4. how did you get away with wearing this?! I'm so jealous haha. you look bangin'

    x Stace

  5. I love how you rock these sunnies! maybe I shall come back to Sportsgirl and buy them? hmm... Abby, consider yourself an influencer!

    Have a sweet reminder of Sunday!

  6. You are such a babe! Looking totally fresh - I especially like your blazer (I really really need a white blazer). xx


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