Saturday, July 21, 2012

pretty in pink.................

.....a bit of a pink theme across my instagram

1. Beautiful Zara shoes from my wonderful best friend for my birthday
2. Snow white in a pink convertible gate crashed one of my birthday celebrations
3. Shoes from picture 1 all wrapped up pretty in pink
4. Chocolate freckles, they are glorious. I had forgotton about them for too long
5. Sportsgirl lip jam, super cute
6. Wildfox unicorn top/dress
7. Enjoying a Strawberry milk
8. Gucce Flora in Gardenia - delightful
9. More pretty in pink presents


  1. Ahhh so much prettiness (and deliciousness in regards to the freckles and strawberry milk!) xx

  2. eee so cute! I think the wildfox dress is my fav x


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