Thursday, June 21, 2012

disparate youth...........

I have been thrashing the new Santigold album, pretty gosh darn hard core for at least this afternoon.  .....Seeing as I only bought it today.

Tunes like these make me want to have ridiculous dance parties with my bestie whilst eating chocolate freckles and rolling down hills.

But not actually rolling down hills because that seems a bit scary and I was never a fan of any kind of slide/ride.

Today I went to the shops on a quest to find chocolate freckles.  First I went to Darrel Lea, alas they only sold medium sized freckles, not bags filled with little ones.  So then I went to a supermarket, I stared at the shelf for at least 2 hours (5 minutes) getting more and more distressed that there was NO freckles. I started to think freckles had been a figment of my imagination and they did not exist anymore.

Then all of a sudden, a lady dressed as a chef offered me some free Lindt chocolate, and all was right again in the world.  As if like magic, I could see the freckles on the shelf! I bought two packets. It was a wonderful day indeed.

These photos are from Sunday's adventures when I celebrated my Grandma's 96th birthday, ate pizza with my brother and his family, and knocked back many a wine to celebrate my father in law's birthday at the local Lawn Bowls Club.

Wildfox is by far the love of my life, check out their latest Star Crossed Lover's Collection and prepare to fall off your seat.  So wonderful I could cry.


YOU might have noticed, I am back to blogging. I will continue blogging, as long as it is on my own terms. Which means, lots of ranting and strange stories, and pictures that may make your eyes bleed. This is just a document of my rather silly life, and nothing more.

wearing Wildfox jumper & necklace, Dotti jeans, Betts boots, Human being made my parents (that's a bit creepy to think off), blonde hair by my wonderful hairdresser (gosh she is very good at life).


  1. Hurrah for finding chocolate freckles, kinda the best things ever!!

  2. What a wonderful story! And look at that beautiful face. You are positively the most gorgeous thing EVER!! Love your outfit and thank you for introducing me to the new Wildfox lookbook... oh! So amazing! xx

  3. I love Wildfox as well, yours is great and looks so cozy. Those boots are awesome as well - you're gorgeous! x E

  4. Wow what a great blog . Please come by and see mine . hope to see you there .

  5. cool outfit..I'm drooling over those boots.. and congrats to the grandma... I mean.. 96 years old?.. you say it easy but I bet it's been quite a ride for her....
    wildfox rocks! I agree with you.. I could cry too
    stay cool!


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