Saturday, June 23, 2012

for rosemary.................

This blog post is specifically for Rosemary, because she is the most wonderful/beautiful Rosemary there ever was and also because I wanted to give her a shout out because she always makes me feel so good about myself and then I can't fit into any of my boots because I am too big for them, TOOO BIG. Check out her blog Lashe's & Lattes, because she is rather genius, and makes me wish I could be better at make up and also life.
Here are some photos of me the day after I got back from Bali, and was happy to receive this delight in the mail thanks to Somedays Lovin.  The awesomely detailed back came at the right time as I had some what of a back tan! Good team work back tan and rad tee. Good teamwork.

Meanwhile, back to the present. I am about to embark on quite an amazing quest today. I will be driving by myself to my best friend's house. Yes maybe it doesn't sound like the world's greatest quest, but I am afraid of driving. I will be back with many tales of my adventures tomorrow.

tee Somedays Lovin, shorts Rusty, necklace Minkpink, shoes Peter Alexnader ugg boots conveniently cropped out


  1. Loving the detail on this top! Agreed - she's always so nice and positive about everything! Love her to bits :-) Good luck on your drive xx

  2. Love this top on you and just adore this post! When I saw my name in the header I did a little hop step dance on my toes! Thank you so much, you're such a beautiful person Abby and I think this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. Loving your gorgeous tan AND your gorgeous face! Can't wait to hear of your weekend adventures xxx

  3. I really like your necklace - Minkpink have some really cool stuff! x

  4. love!


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