Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my best friend built a house.............

My Best Friend built a house! Not with her bare hands, or even her bear hands.  I've known her for some time now and I'm fairly sure she is a human and not a bear.  I'm sure she has real human hands and not secret bear hands.  She never hibernates in Winter, which is ironic because that is her name, and you cannot hibernate from your name.  Nor would she want to hibernate when she has a new shiny house to roll about in.

Now that we have established my best friend does not have secret bear paws.  Here are some cute details she has around her lovely new abode.  Aren't they just darling? Yes yes they are. I should know because I have seen them with my real eyes, not my bear eyes, I do not have any bear parts either.


  1. What a lovely homey! Thank you for sharing these snaps darling

    Eda ♥

  2. U are beautiful and hilarious! quite refreshing to read your blog i have been reading fashion blogs for years now and was feeling quite uninspired! you changed that all honey! kisses from america!



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