Thursday, February 23, 2012

Uh, no summer, you won't be ending...ever!

Some summer time shots. Gosh summer is such a magical time! I have been loving on it so hard core, especially after we installed that second air con!

So Summer, just so you know, you won't be ending. You are going to continue forever so I can wear sparkly pony tanks and go on fun swimmy adventures and sit in the sunshiney sun.

When perhaps I would like to wear a rad new jumper or some other new wintry delight, you are allowed to be SLIGHTLY cooler.  But otherwise, no ending for you Mr Summer, no ending for you.

But there is an ending for this post, it's just below this sentence.


  1. Haha you so cute! Giggling at the last sentence you wrote :)
    The blue nails are so refreshing, and I agree, I'd love Summer to go on and on forever!!

    x x Stace

  2. oh, send it to me here, i'll take good care of it. and wear prettiest dresses and tiniest shorts, i swear :)

  3. We love purple and blue nail polish... <3

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. The purple looks so pretty on you Abby :) Thanks for your lovely comment, believe me I'm still crying! Before I saw that ring, I didn't even consider what engagement ring I liked. I felt like it picked me- gosh I must sound so shallow.

    Have a lovely week xo

  5. I do love summer and being able to live in dresses or shorts/tee's but I'm soooo looking forward to buying some new jackets and scarfs to rock through Autumn and Winter xx

  6. your nails, girly - too freaking good.

  7. I am loving the candy pastels of your nails -sugary sweet for summer :)
    Gems x

  8. I'm with you, babe. I completely LOVE Summer and am NEVER ready to say goodbye to it. Let's follow summer around the globe!


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