Monday, January 2, 2012

none the richer x pretending to be a pirate..............

 Gosh the packaging of these were even more magical in real life! They made me feel like a pirate with a treasure chest. And I just happen to love pretending to be a pirate! Hoorah.


  1. OMG these are awsome i want some!


  2. Hang on... You bought these and they were delivered to you like this or did the amazing girls at None the Richer gift these to you? Either way they are perfect!

  3. That's incredible! Awesome packaging just makes the pressie inside even sweeter. Gorgeous!

  4. These bracelets are awesome - I want to steal them for myself. And how cool is that case! xx

  5. that is such a lovely treasure with such a great history. <3
    happy 2012 blog flower friend!
    ps. i changed my link it's now if you want to update your link. thank you <3
    peace & love!


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