Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years............

Here are a few snaps of my outfitty on New Years Eve. Unfortunately I made the horrible discovery that sequins are my enemy.  They were cutting up my arms all night! But they are so gosh darn sparkly all I want to do is cover myself in them head to toe, but I also do not want to be all cut up and bleedy...what a dilemma!! Also it was so floaty! It was crazy windy last night, I was flashing people the entire time, including my friends grandparents! Awkward.....It WAS a beautiful dress though.

I spent my new years celebrating the engagement of our absolutely wonderful friends John & Janet.  Super happy for them, they are off on a long travelling adventure and I will miss them very much!!

Did you all have amaze celebrations last night?

My new years day has been pretty chilled, spending some time with family and currently drinking wine eating doritos and watching Ship To Shore.  Yes Ship To Shore.  Why is it that all kids tv shows insist on the kids forming some kind of band?  It makes me cringe.


dress from Princess Polly, boots Sportsgirl (had to wear flats unfortunately as there were many stairs and it was a backyard garden affair), bag Sportsgirl (which actually broke half way through the night, I was so sad it broke whilst I was just standing still, all of my bags from there have broken. It makes my heart sad), lipstick Morange by MAC


  1. Lurve your sparkles!! Boo about the sore arms but you did look amaz in these pics. Maybe wear a tank or something under? Dunno what would work! :(

    xx S

  2. happy new year lady! and get excited as i have no doubt 2012 is going to be an AMAZING one for you!
    big love - bel xxx

  3. I love this dress - you look stunning!

    Happy New Year!


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