Thursday, March 25, 2010

A very wonderful thing indeed..........

chloe with teacups upon her head, it is a wondeful thing

via Fashion Squad

p.s Mr Bird has met a wonderful fairy flossish friend...


  1. Glad your ok!! Hey was your power off longer than 12hours? You can claim cash back through western power, found out today and was chuffed. :) That photo is so wonderful indeed. I want a cup of tea now..

  2. love that editorial!

  3. i wonder how she drinks her tea... but chloe's pretty special, i'm sure she has a secret way!

  4. i must admit, chloe has good style but i've never understood just why she's THAT popular. maybe i'm just not hip enough to realise her coolness!

    ah it makes me happy when i find other perth bloggers, its nice to know i'm not alone out here xx

  5. chloe looks such so super adorable in this.


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