Saturday, March 27, 2010


super boring outfitty posty on some lady who is a stompface thing...that chair is the star of the whole show, you can't see it clearly but it is filled with amazement and wonder, and you all know how much I love things that are filled with amazement and wonder.

my arms look giant GIANT CREATURES, in case you were wondering it's because I AM a giant, so it is okay for my arms to look giant because it is the way of the world.

sunnies indoors crazy rebellious youth, it is okay for me to wear sunnies in doors because I am a giant and I stomp on anyone who does not enjoy my indoor sunnies wearing times, but it is also okay because I had just walked in from outside where it is totally acceptable to have sunnies attached to your face.

the end

boots Sportsgirl, sunnies Forever New, dress/tee MINKPINK, chair from my wonderful grandma


  1. Ahhh the chair looks wonderful and full of wise old charm. Id be happy to ready Harry on that chair. Massive MinkPink fan. Love the tee

  2. cool post!!!!!

  3. gorgeous top!


  4. Wow. And all this time I had no idea! Does that mean that Mr Stompy and the engagement guest people are all giants too? Or was it just a perspective thing and even though you appeared to be standing next to them in the pictures you were actually several kilometers in the background?
    And sometimes it can be totally sunny inside and no one wants premature crows feet from squinting and so you shouldn’t listen to anyone who says you are trying too hard for indoor sunglass wearing.


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