Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oh the love it is great and that is good yes sireeeeee...........

some more engagementy photos, these were taken by none other than Little Sparrow who also makes feathery things of goodness.

those boots are the loves of my life oh boots boots of joy and happiness, get on my feet immediately, even when i'm sleeping, it is normal to wear boots to bed.

ahh I miss engagement times, those were the best times.

it would be wonderful if it were more wintery and then I could wear boots on my feet and on my head and what not.

what a magical journey.


  1. That photo has the boots in all their glory. They look smashing!How cute is your front house with your lil pot plants. I do love pot plants everywhere. Ohh and the photo of you looking at your man is magical darl. So pretty x

  2. stompy these photos are so lovely. your outfit is so perfect (from head to toe). that first photo is beautiful such a great pick of you love birds. my sister just did her engagement photos too. have you met? her blog is- sorry for the plug. :)
    peace & love!

  3. You's two look so lovely. I really like these pictures, how much they make me smile. I love the cute flower pots in the first piccy and your hair is oh so beautiful! I love the dress, the flowers in the hair and oh my those boots are love love lovely! How I can go on, hehe

    have a delightful week darl x

  4. oh gosh!! congrats on your engagement.. i'm probably super late with that..

    and those booties.. SO KUTE!!

  5. so so adorable!!! you guys looks so super cute together, especially the first pic!!
    I adore the photo of you on your own with the sun - magical!!! you look so perfect :) :)
    ps: if you don't mind me asking, what is the gorgeous lippy you're wearing?


  6. super cuuuute! Love the flowers in your hair.

  7. Missing engagement times...
    does that mean you're marriaged??!

    And I love the booties too ♥

  8. ahhh no not marriaged yet, marriage times will be in November.

    it was just really fun planning the engagement party and having the party..and I kind of miss it!


  9. Oh goodness, you two just look sooooo perfect and ever so happy! Have you started looking at dresses for the big Mr & Mrs Stompface Day yet?

  10. you look gorge here!! what a stunning bride you will make and i agree..we need some colder weather to let us wear boots more!!

  11. These are super cute, love them! (And your shoes too! :D)

  12. Beautiful pictures - lovely dress and boots :)

    CC xXx


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