Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shreddy mc shred shred......

Oversized and shreddy jum jums are the best kind. They are good for wearing as a clothing piece, which is usually the most convenient way.

You can wear them whenever you like, which is handy also. But it is cold out, so it is good to put things underneath them too.

I look strange up there, in the land of things that are photos, but I am sure it is just because the jum jum is oversizedy.

Life is good!


  1. oh love the shredded sweater! esp with the ankle boots!

  2. i really want a shredded jumper.
    look everywhere for one in the uk.
    i love how practical they are and you look gorgeous in yours! xoxo

  3. Yay for the revival of outfit posts!

  4. Love the jumper :)

  5. Oh ive got this one! shame I cant wear it when its windy, way too cold :(

  6. is it DIY shredded?

    you look great and i lover the heels

    Vi from Cali

  7. my biggest regret was not buying this jumper

  8. Love it.. did you buy it shredded or shred it yourself? More outfit posts puhleeez.

  9. it reminds me of sass & bide
    very nice!

  10. yay, you got one. I do so adore this one. Must remember to get mine out and wear it.
    p.s. lol at the bizarre dream. What a musical. I kid. I would never become big-headed (so I say now, hehe). Work keeps me grounded :)

    Oooh and drinks sounds fabulous on Saturday. Friends have planned to go to the Brisbane, would you be up for a few at the Brisbane? Hope so. Bring Ash too.

    p.s. I finally wrote up the fashion festival launch post. Twill be up tomorrow.

    p.p.s. this week is kicking my arse. I so need a beer or twenty. Hows your week been?

    Oooh, random, but I fell in love with a shop assistant in the City today. She's gorgeous and sooo sooo nice. Is it wrong if I go in there alot? Lol. So friendly. And pretty things in store. I indulged and bought some Maurie and Eve beauties.

    Alrighty, have a great one. Lemme know if you and Ash are keen

  11. love that shredded sweater!

  12. oversized jumpers! can't get enough of them here too!;p

  13. Ohh, please tell me where are those shoes from??

  14. glorious!
    love a jumper filled with holes, its like the rebel of practicilaty.


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