Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello Mr Sketch! It is nice to meet you.....

sketch from the moleskine


  1. So good! Your sketches are fantastic!

  2. yay miss mary kate! I this she would love this

  3. mary kate, yes?
    or is this a sketch of me? It's cool, you can admit you sketched me.

  4. Lol at you sketching in the whole world :)

    I love this pic, nice sketch bella.
    And hell yes to drinking next weekend, even if we do a friday evening or sat night or whenever thing. Shall we make a serious plan?

    And hell yeah to Flight em to bits. Love Brett (brit and jermaine, lits take a role count :)

    hope you are having a super duper weekend. with drinking perhaps. i will be drinking tonight at the boys...he offered to make dinner and i'm force-feeding wine to all the guests. I'm nice like that ;)

    Haha, have a great one

  5. Ooo i'm glad you're posting your sketches lady!
    This is an Olsen right?
    I love line work x

  6. Ooh how lovely :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend dear.

  7. I adore your sketches! (:

    And I need a Moleskine...

    La C.


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