Monday, July 20, 2009


Bloggety bloggety bloggety, It is Monday, and unfortunately Monday's don't agree with me. They are so argumentative, I will say "Icecream is delicious!" and the Monday's yell "NO STOMPFACE, WE DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU!" See, you know Monday's are evil, because they don't like icecream, and that is not good, it is in fact bad.

Also just a small fun interview The Fashion Kiwi did with me. I must say her blog is quite rad, I have been browsing it and discovering many new wonderful things.

Mr Bird has been on so many more adventures.

Anyone have any new tunes to recommend? I have hurt all of my music and need some new things to live inside my ears.


  1. you have the best taste in music.
    in your music love - great pics.

    cute head band!

  2. stomp-a-dore!!!!!!

    I love Bows..and I love David Bowie even more...go the bow!

    you look super cute babe..

    now i am off to visit my bird man! :)

    xxxx bel

  3. this is the hottest i have seen you , hotter than the sun itself x

  4. You and Mr. Bird are awesome! Much love.

    the fashion kiwi

  5. So cute, and I love the stripes as well - very Bardot xx

  6. I agree, you DO have the best taste in music. I do love me some Sia and errr...dammit...some fab new artist I saw on Channel will have to come back to you about her music.

    Also, will def upload photos from the launch...the best thing about it? the insanely good speciality cupcakes they had in hundreds. Loooooved.

    p.s. are those nine west shoes? they look familiar and I love the resemblance to the Opening Ceremony-Chloe ones....yummy.

    p.p.s. you look fab, loving your outfit muchly. Stripes, a mutiny I say :)

    Also, lets go drinking. I'm free this weekend other than Friday evening.

    have a great tuesday!

  7. you look adorable in your bow tie and the black and white outfit.

  8. great photos.
    beautiful clothing and hair.

  9. love the outfit .... i brought a headband like that on the w/end! mmhh some new tunes..atm im loving Phoenix's new albulm and the temper trap xx


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