Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mermaids and Side Tables....

Yes, it is a combination you see all the time! Especially when perusing the bottom of the ocean.  Yep, just mermaids hanging out, resting their cups of sea urchin tea on top of practical yet stylish side tables. 

They probably buy their furniture from some kind of underwater Kmart equivalent.. Sea-Mart..or CMart.  Gosh, here I am exposing all the homeware purchasing secrets of the every day mermaid...

Things That Live In My House, But Would Probably Live Under The Water, If I Were To Throw Them In The Ocean:

Side table - Kmart
Pink Mermaid Illustration - By ME, yes, I drew it with my own feet, I mean hands... I am very dexterous.
Vanilla Jafilla Candle - Supreme Boheme (I have never in my life wanted so much, to shrink myself and climb inside a candle.  It smells THAT good.  But I try not to shrink myself and climb into candles because the wax is hot and the flame is burny.)
Vase/Candle Holder - East West Design, South Fremantle


  1. I love it ALL. Especially your drawing. Kmart is coming up with so much good stuff these days. I cannot walk out empty-handed any more (not that I ever was able to, but you know) and then I have to hide stuff in the cupboard for a while from the husband and then subtly place it somewhere one day so he doesn't notice I've bought more crap. Good crap.

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