Friday, July 18, 2014


Who doesn't love mermaids?  I mean, apart from Ursula, I cannot think of anyone that does not love them and by love them I mean want to be them. I mean, want to dye their hair the same colour and sew their legs together and use permanent marker and bits of alfoil to draw scales on and sticky tape flippers to our feet and grow our hair long and learn to breath under water.  It’s essentially the entire plot to The Talented Mr Ripley, but if they were mermaids.  Hey, that’s a movie I would pay to see!

This illustration was done with my two favourite Instagram merbabe’s @sunfilledream and @lanbriget in mind.  I stalk their Instagram’s whenever I need some mermaid inspiration and they ALWAYS deliver.  

You can find this on my Society 6 also, wahh wahh wee wahhh

Counting down the days to summer when I get really get my mermaid on…

Ink and watercolour illustration

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