Tuesday, April 12, 2011

super awesome girl pact: pastels..............

There is nothing I like better than a courtyard dance party all by my lonesome. Well I lie, there is something I like better, and that's super awesome girl pact challenges with the most wonderful lady I know starting with the letter L!  We have both been feeling uninspired/lazy so challenged each other on Twitter to a pastelly themed post!  Do you like this kind of thing, shall we challenge each other regularly?

Gosh, I look LOVELY and by lovely I mean I can't really see because looking at it makes my eyes bleed and it is hard to see through eyes soaked in blood.  But I had just thrown this on quickly after work for the challenge and do not have much make up left from the day and I am VERY very pasty and need some sunshine/tan in a can immediately!

But, this dress is a floaty floaty dream, I wear it and it instantly makes me float up into the clouds.  I have to hide secret weights in my wedges so I don't float up into the sky forever and ever and ever. I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WOULD ALL MISS ME.  I bought this dress for Christmas, and blogged about it here.  But I don't think i have outfit posted it yet.!

p.s: don't forget to look at L's blog to see her posty mc post post!

dress Mooloola, necklace Diva, shoes Sportsgirl, pasty pasty skin brought to you by hiding in caves too much


  1. Ahh pastels. I have an ongoing love affair with pastels. They make life ten shades prettier. Such a pretty dress!

  2. oh hello little miss pretty dressy dress, oh how I like you muchly. Especially your sleeves they are something special, special like wings. Oh how I wish i had wings!

    If you could have one super power what would it be? I think for me it would be very hard to choose between being invisible so I could sneak around like a spy, or flying. To be able to fly would be spectacular.

  3. these photos look super cool!! adore that dress too!!


  4. that is such a lovely flowy dress. looks like u could just flyy away in it. so pretty!
    peace & love.


  6. this beautiful floaty dress is oh so lovely.
    i'm totally love struck.

  7. gorgeous.




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