Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Adventures Of The Magical Maxi Skirt Of Delight............

Once upon a time there lived a very magical maxi skirt, strangely her name was Shirt.  Unfortunately when she was born the Doctor had spelled Skirt with an H instead.  Luckily for Shirt she was so beautiful and possessed so many magical powers that no one ever made fun of her for the spelling of her name.

Shirt lived a very happy life until one day all the wizards in the world grew jealous of her amazing talents and spells that far outshone their own.  They made it their mission to catch her and trap her in a well.  Shirt was trapped in the well for well over a 100 years when a magical stompface creature rescued her!! They held hands and skipped for many hours and knew they would be apart of each other's lives for a very very long time.

The End

Yes, what a magical skirt it is.  Thank goodness I saved it from that well and by well I mean Market HQ. And I didn't have to save it really because Market HQ are very good wizards who take great care to nourish and love all the clothes they sell. I am SURE of it.

Haven't had a blogging adventure for too long TOOOO long.  But I am back! Hooray.

This maxi skirt is quite a sheer and floaty dream.  These cowboy boots are VERY COMFORTABLE. They go on my feet. Gosh I love wearing clothes it makes you so much more approachable than wearing suits made entirely out of alfoil.

I hope you are all enjoying pleasant evenings by the fire smoking pipes but by pipe I mean like the one Bart Simpson uses that has bubbles come out of it instead.  Because let's face it bubbles are awesome.

Okay I'm going to stop talking now.

skirt Evil Twin from Market HQ, top from one of those ridiculously cheap stores in the city where everything costs about 2 dollars and you are very afraid of most of the things in it but sometimes if you look very very carefully you can find something that doesn't make your eyes burst into flames, necklace Diva, bag Forever New, belt and boots Sportsgirl

p.s I took that first picture of the sky because it is crazy cloudy and wintry and rain drops landed on the lense but it looks quite nice I think....

p.p.s in that second picture my hair looks VERY long...I did not realise it was this long, I need to cut it and kill the regrowth beast soon but I am afraid of all hairdressers....


  1. Argh that skirt is a-maze-ing!! Love love love xx

  2. a. that skirt is amazing
    b. I love hunting in random cheap stores for great finds
    c. I'm crazy jealous of your hair
    d. shoessssssssss
    e. could eat you for breakfast you look so good.

    not in a creepy way though... kinda sounds creepy though... but you know what Im getting at.

    Hot lady!!

  3. ohh it is sooo pretty..xx

  4. Oh gosh!!!!! This skirt is wonderous!!! You look very beautiful scabbles !!!! Xxx

  5. That skirt is oh so airy, like something a beautiful Dryad would wear! Those cowboy boots are bootiful (PUNS FTW!!!) :D

  6. Hi darling!
    What a lovely blog you have here! Lots of nice pictures and great inspiration.. Thanks for sharing, and keep it up babe!
    Wanna be followers? Let me know!

    Love from Stockholm... xoxo!

  7. STOMPY!!!

    It's been an age!

    Saw your comment on the bloggy blog and thought I'd stop by, low and behold you're sporting a bit of E.T, and sporting it mighty nicely indeed.

    Hope you're keeping lovely :)

    - Sare -

  8. Sooo damn cool, love the maxi skirt and boots-combination! You rock


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