Sunday, November 15, 2009


sketched this a few minutes ago, loosely based on Abbey in Dazed & Confused...very loosely based, as in I drank a bottle of wine and decided it would be a good idea to sketch it, its not quite as i had imagined in my wine soaked head.... but i still kind of like it in a weird weird way....

also purchased where the wild things are on the weekend, and it has made me all illustration inspired about it... what a magical journey... cannot wait for this movie to come out in Australia....

Mr Bird is getting up to much mischief and french fry eating today....

Mr Stompface and I also made a delicious pirate ship cake.... it was a crazy time adventure involving pirate lego men, nervous breakdowns and kitchens covered entirely with icing ceiling to floor...

what's the happenstances with you crazy kids in blog land? tell me tell me your stories........



  1. gorgeous sketch!
    your such a talented artist :)

  2. Love the sketch.
    p.s. are we alcoholic yet? ;)

    Spent most of the weekend drinking. its acceptable right?!?!

    Whatcha doing this Saturday, want to catch up with us at the Brissie for drinks?

    Have a good week

  3. oh i cant wait for you to see the movie! i saw it last month and am in love with it. i won't say much about it bc i hate when you hear to much about a movie before you see it. last nite i went out dancing and one of the songs came on that was in the movie and we were dancing around like wild things. great fun.
    peace & love!

  4. Very cute! Nothing wrong with a bit of vino before putting pen to paper!

  5. gorge sketch your very talented love that issue with miss abbey-lee gotta buy it! xx

  6. Dude this looks fabulous, well done on the drunken sketching :)

  7. I love the style of your drawings! Something so innocent about them. I liikkkeeee!!

    x oriwa editorial

  8. you're great at sketching! love this a lot, it beloings in a story book:)

    xx raez

  9. darling darling, this is incredible. I do love it! xo


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