Tuesday, November 17, 2009

red bow red bow.................

sketchy sketchy,  I went on an adventure to the art shoppety and bought lots of lovely things
which means I like to draw lots and lots and lots, why is it that I only like using new and shiny
things.  it is strange.  also I appear to have abandoned the use of
caps lock all together... I have freed my words from the proper ways
except when saying I.

tomorrow, I have a day off, hooray, I will be free..speaking of free, free little bird. oh Mr E
I love you so much it hurts sometimes...

purchased some dressys today, they have navy on them, and navy is good
hooray hoorah.

my lips feel chapped, I shall go on a lipgloss quest now sirs.
yes yes I shall....

the end


  1. Geeez your so talented, love your pretty sketches!!!

  2. Did you copy this off a photo? I love it. I saw something very similar today and thought to myself "my hair doesn't sweep back like that". It's far too short, which I like, but some days, I just wish I could wear a bow in my hair & it would all fall down my back.

  3. Jes - thankyou thankyou!

    Bambola - Yesss I did actually, I'm not sure where I got it from, it was saved on my comp, I was drawn to the pretty red bow. I wanted to put a red bow in my hair immediately but I did not have one..instead I drew this picture.

  4. Ah missy - you are both super talented and uber adorable.

  5. Love your blog, great sketches.

  6. Lol, love your randomness :P

    p.s. this is soooo pretty. I likes it alot.

    Where did you buy navy dresses from? And can we see them? And can we catch up for coffee or something so we can do some more random shopping (I promise to refrain from buying white swinging chairs this time :)

    How's Ash doing? And you?

  7. wah i absolutely love this illustration!!!!

  8. oooo me loves this!! red bows AND navy. essentials. talent is as always out of this universe! maybe your talent comes from the land of uniquorns elves and talking butterflies???? xxxxxx

  9. soooooo pretty! i wish i had your talent and nonlaziness when it comes to posting drawings


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