Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm going to get my sewing and crafting on this weekend.

Who knows what amazing wonders will surface?
Or what dodgy things will surface.. or if I will accidentally sew my arm into the machine because I actually don't know anything about sewing at all.
Or perhaps when I'm randomly cutting material after not measuring or thinking about it, I will end up with no arms.
Wow, sewing is a really violent sport. Why isn't it in the Olympics?
Speaking of the Olympics. I've had enough of you, please go away soon and don't come back again for another 4 years. Possibly a million.
I do not like sports.
Except cool sports, where you lose limbs. Like sewing.
And the extreme sport of running with scissors.
Anyway the moral of the story is, on Saturday I am going to sew some lovely new creations for a secret special project. It is going to be GIANT! Jack and the Bean stalk giant. Maybe I will show some pictures on here if they turn out okay, and I don't spill too much blood on the garments, what with my no arms and everything.

I actually really like my arms. I think I will miss them.
The end
P.s: Also expect bloody arms with sewing machines hanging off them to become very big this summer.

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