Sunday, October 30, 2011

yes it is a blog post, you aren't confused......................

Finally a blog post, after having the worst flu for nearly two weeks and having seriously shaped internet, its been all too hard to get a bloggety going.  But the sun is very shiny and I'm feeling all motivated again so I will post things as a post man would post them and also have a black and white cat, and I have a black and white cat so it all works out perfectly.

Had too many wine adventures last night in honour of my brother in laws birthday.  Feeling pretty seedy, but have surrounded myself in pepsi max and cc's and my besty Mr Maxie Moo.  So I am slowly getting there. 

Here are some photos from a couple of weeks ago before the dreaded flu monster attacked.

bag Forever New, dress Mooloola, nail polish Sportsgirl, perfume Love etc The Body Shop, Market HQ ring

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