Saturday, June 5, 2010

things that are turquoisy and ice creamy............


  1. Geeez icecream men just cant be trusted. :P
    I'm in love with you fabulous creations miss. They make me start to smile the instant I see. You capture happiness perfectly!!

    Enjoy the long weekend xx

  2. your blog puts a smiley smile on my face

  3. Time to panic, me thinks. Uber creepy. As long as you were not out in the woods (or woop woop), without an escape vehicle, you'll be alright. Okay, that was from watching too much True Blood!

    Man, I hate work dramas. We have them too...and I actually sometimes despise going in. Boo. Oh well, at least you always have a reason to go home. Hope your work situation isn't sucky any more though.

    How's the boy? When are you getting married by the way? Can't believe you're getting married...bless :)

    p.s. what happened to the old blog? Did you tire of it, or decide to just go for something new? Regardless, I like.

    Have a good freebie Monday!

  4. that's all weird, what a creepy man :S
    Love the picture, btw, so cute.

  5. what a lovely story! It's a shame the ice-cream man didn't mistake you for working at the ice-cream shop, and offer you and your niece plenty of free ice-cream - haha!

    Love the gorgeous Tiffany blue :)

    Luv, Friend in Fashion

  6. i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow..

  7. great adventure hope you had awesome long w/end. and yes turquoise rocks reminds me of summers past....

  8. Greetings from Belgium

  9. coooooooooool post!!!!

    so lovely pics!!!!

    great blog:))

    pls come visit and join:)



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