Sunday, April 19, 2009

Internet dating...........

dress Quirky Circus for MINKPINK, Bag Urban Originals, shoes Mystery as in I cannot remember such trivial things as how did these shoes get on my feet

I went on a lovely internet date today with Anika of African Tea Party. She is sweet as pie, and after spending many hours deciding that neither of us were 40 year old men, we continued on to a magical land of shops and scones and salads and unicorns. She was a very pleasant date, exceptFont sizefor her insistance on carrying around her furniture everywhere she went, but once you got past her chair wielding presence, it was very lovely.

Ahhh blog love, it is the best kind....

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you are confused, you do look nice in this photo!


  1. wow! sounds fun! how do you have an internet date though?

    love your blog.

    would you like to trade links?

  2. Lol, it was a sucessful internet date indeed. I really should have rocked up with a red rose though ;)

    I kid, I kid....haha, I knocked someone else out on the train. Whoops :)

    Looking forward to catching up with you again. And I look wierrrrd...but not as much as the man behind me, heh.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. beautiful

    the crumpet girls

  5. Ahoy Stompy!!!

    Alas its been a while.... you happen to be sporting the exact bag I've been eyeing off, I think you've just forced my hand, I must own it.

    We can be bag twins. I like that idea.

    Hope all things are well over on that side of the country....

  6. loving the minkpink. sounds like the blog date was fun :) haha.

  7. Love your outfit and the purse! African Tea Party Love! I love blogger dates! XOXO

  8. How cool! I wanna go on blogger dates! Except I'm pretty sure it would be the most agonizing outfit choice ever...

  9. AAAH! A blogger meetup how exciting I want to do one toooooooooooooooooo! :*(


  10. sounds like a nice day! you looked so cute in mink pink!

  11. great outfit!!
    love your style :)



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