Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mrs Cupcake Goes To War

Once upon a time there was an extremely attractive lady cupcake.

Her name was Mrs Cupcake.

She lived inside the refrigerator at some random humans house. Living in the fridge was very cold, but because it was so cold it meant that everyone that lived in the fridge were very cool kids, and everyone in the entire world wanted to be just like them.

Mrs Cupcake was happy because she was the only cupcake living in the fridge, and everyone loved and admired her.

One morning, Mrs Cupcake woke up, she stretched her invisible arms and yawned loudly. She was feeling especially cool today.

She decided to go roll around on the top shelf for a while and catch up with her best friend, Milkfeatures. Milkfeatures was actually an egg. No one knew how Milkfeatures got such a strange name.

"I love you Milk features!" proclaimed Mrs Cupcake loudly.

"I don't love you Mrs Cupcake, in fact I am a very angry Milkfeatures today." yelled Milkfeatures.

Mrs Cupcake gasped at his rudeness and loud tone.

"I hate you, you think you are so much better than everyone because you are a cupcake, well things are going to change around here!" Milkfeatures ranted.

Mrs Cupcake was surprised and upset at Milkfeatures' sudden jealousy. However, she could understand why, she WAS incredibly amazing.

Mrs Cupcake went back to her shelf, and thought deeply about this new situation. While she was thinking, Milkfeatures suddenly appeared and started pelting blue food dye at her! Mrs Cupcake dodged quickly and was only caught by a few specks. She reacted so fast because different colour food dye was worse than death! Mrs Cupcake had the most glorious pink icing, and if the two colours had mixed she would no longer be so lovely. She could not bear to have her gorgeous icing destroyed!

Milkfeatures was trying to ruin her ridiculous good looks, so that she would no longer be the most beautiful food product living in the fridge! Mrs Cupcake knew that it was war! She chased Milkfeatures and pushed him off the shelf. He slammed hard into the cold glass surface and his yolk oozed out of his cracked shell slowly. He died instantly.

"Hurray!!" cheered Mrs Cupcake as she was again Queen of All the land!!

The End

1 comment:

  1. Mrs Cupcake is not cool!

    Shes cold!

    I hope she gets eaten.


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